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Hospitality and Culinary Apparel

Chefs, Caterers, Servers, Wait Staff, Bartenders, and more.

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Hospitality and Culinary

Here at Pro Look, we understand that if you work in the services industry, you need to exude professionalism at all times. The way that you present yourself will determine both the immediate impression you create in customers’ minds, as well as the reputation that you and your business cultivate in the long term. In recognition of just how important uniforms are to service industry workers, we offer only the most trusted and reputable brands.

Of course, the apparel you wear in the hospitality industry has to do more than just look good. Sure, your customers will notice if you present yourself poorly, but you yourself also need a uniform which can stand up to the rigors of your job. This means that, in addition to looking the part, the uniforms we offer are also made to the same high standards that you aspire to professionally.

From tuxedo shirts and pants, dress shirts, and vests, to chef’s attire, including hats, slip-resistant shoes, and much more, we at Pro Look offer everything that modern hospitality and culinary workers need in their professional lives.

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We carry a variety of products from a number of high quality brands. These brands will be familiar to anyone who has worked in the industry for any length of time and each one is known for their quality and durability.

Contact Pro Look today, either by phone or by visiting us in store, and we will be happy to discuss your needs with you. We pride ourselves on putting the customer experience first; your satisfaction is our top priority. We work with each of our customers on a personal level to ensure that we are meeting their every requirement.

Visit us in store, and you can try on as many items as you need to settle on the perfect choice. But with our staff’s guidance and experience, we pride ourselves on being able to match our clientele with the right uniform as efficiently as possible, saving you time and avoiding the usual headache of uniform shopping.

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See and try on products from the following high quality brands and more.

Chef Attire

Traditionally, chefs wear either black or white in the kitchen, hence the generic term “chef’s whites”. Different kitchens will have different policies here, but regardless of the color scheme, all chefs require the same properties from their attire. In the hot, and often hectic, environment of the modern kitchen, chefs need a uniform that is breathable and comfortable.

We offer the following high-quality brands:

  • Uncommon Threads
  • Chef Designs
  • Fame
  • 5 Star Chef
Hospitality Apparel

In the hospitality industry, even more so than most others, it is important to make sure that you look the part. No matter what position you are working in, whether you are greeting guests at the door, or managing a team of workers, the way that you present yourself really does matter. Of course, looking good is only half the equation; you also want apparel that is going to be comfortable, so you can effortlessly maintain a positive attitude towards your guests.

Choose from the following quality brands:

  • Henry Segal
  • Edwards
  • Fame
Hospitality Footwear

Spending long hours on your feet is an inevitable part of working in hospitality. It’s not easy to maintain the smile and positive attitude your job requires of you if you are in physical discomfort. That’s why choosing the right footwear is essential, and why we offer the following brands:

  • Rocky
  • Klogs
  • Cherokee
Tuxedo Related

Sometimes, whether it’s for a particularly special event, or because you are working at the higher end of the market, you will want to really push the boat out with your attire. There are few things in this world that carry the same connotations of style and elegance as a tuxedo. We offer tuxedo related apparel from the following:

  • Henry Segal
  • Fabian Couture

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