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Uniforms and Apparel

For the everyday heroes in Lancaster County Pennsylvania

We Carry Only Professional Lines of Clothing & Gear

Check out the industries below. We carry products from the respective suppliers and can source and customize large or small orders to meet your needs. Order with PRO Look, you get to see, touch, and try on so you are sure of the quality and fit!


Scrubs, lab coats, footwear, pouches, and more.


Tuxedo shirts and pants, vests, dress shirts, chef attire, hats, slip-resistant shoes.

Public Service

Uniforms and Gear for Police, Fire, Rescue, and EMS


Apparel and safety gear for mechanics, landscapers, electricians, manufacturing pros, carpenters, custodians, and others.

Athletic Wear

Coaches’ apparel, team uniforms, spirit wear, and more.


Uniforms, body armor, and defense gear.